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The Oklahoma Corporation Commission has launched a new communications tool to help keep you better informed about our operations.  Through GovDelivery you can stay abreast of regulatory areas of interest to you.  The simple sign-up process allows you to opt into receiving communication on topics that matter to you, simultaneously allowing your organization to divide constituent subscribers by interests.

The OCC has discontinued sending notifications on these topics via email, so to stay up to date, please sign up.

Once you sign up you can select the specific topics on which you want to stay informed. For example, if you are interested in International Registration Plan (IRP) communications you can make that selection and will receive updates every time there is information to share on that topic. There are myriad of topics from which to choose.

All you need to do is click on the following link, enter your email address into the designated area on the bottom right side of that page, sign up, and select the topics on which you wish to stay informed.